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Ep. 274:Turkey Hunting Roundtable

Ep. 274:Turkey Hunting Roundtable

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Today on the show I’m joined by Ben O’Brien, Tony Peterson and Spencer Neuharth to debate all things turkey hunting – including calling advice, decoy set-ups, weather impacts and more.

Subjects Discussed

  • What’s the story on Ben O’Brien’s turkey tour
  • The absolute best time of the year for turkey hunting
  • Debating the single best time of day to kill a turkey
  • How turkeys react to weather conditions like wind, rain and snow
  • How to adjust your hunting strategy to conditions like wind, rain, and snow
  • How to identify quality roosting locations
  • Our favorite calling strategies on the roost and later in the day
  • Most consistently effective decoy set-ups
  • How bobcats can help you kill more turkeys
  • Turkey hunting vests