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Special Episode - MeatEater: Finding Our Why

Special Episode - MeatEater: Finding Our Why

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There’s a press release hitting the wire today that leads with the following statement: “…Renowned writer, TV, and podcast personality Steven Rinella has launched MeatEater, Inc., a newly-formed outdoor lifestyle media and commerce company…”

That’s a pretty damn exciting development for the hunting world as a whole. For me, it’s also a relief, because I can finally announce that I’m proud to be part of this venture.

This special episode of the podcast should help explain better why I’ve decided to join Rinella, bringing The Hunting Collective along for the ride. I’ll be serving as Editorial Director for MeatEater, Inc., and producing the podcast as part of a network of badass content creators like April Vokey, Mark Kenyon, chef Eduardo Garcia and more.

“Our whole team loves the outdoors, regards it as sacred, and believes that a deeper connection to nature enriches all of our lives,” Rinella says in the release. “We are excited to build a community that is invested in understanding and exploring the natural world.”

 That couldn’t be more spot on. That statement is exactly why I joined and, other than my family, the reason I get out of bed in the morning. I’m damn proud to make this announcement and work hard to make good on some very lofty goals for The Hunting Collective. For now, enjoy this short podcast detailing why and how it all came to be. Thanks for listening.


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