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Cheyenne, Wyoming: Steven Rinella talks wildlife politics with Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, policy advisers Nephi Cole and David Willms, retired SEAL officer Rorke Denver, and the Latvian Lover, a.k.a., Janis Putelis. Subjects include: the death by hanging of the stock detective Tom Horn; Rorke Denver’s next book; Governor Mead’s family history as Wyoming ranchers; The One Shot Challenge; the Endangered Species Act and its impact on wildlife management; Grey Wolves; the litigious nature of ESA judgments; why elk aren’t considered endangered species; the 2010 attempt to delist the grizzly bear and what’s happened since then; sage grouse; why all people should seek to expand their worldview; getting sprayed by a skunk compared to getting sprayed by bear spray; Rorke's elk hunt; and Matt Rinella's vanished llama.


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