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Ep. 518: Trapping Lynx on the Home Range

Ep. 518: Trapping Lynx on the Home Range

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Topics discussed: Starting your euro mount business at 17 because you like saving other peoples’ memories; babysitting the skull and and using dental picks; get your skull cleaned by Brooklyn at 406.boneworks; when the crazy driver who passes you on the road is Cal hauling a trailer; the Apex Belt system and the best duffle bag ever made by FHF; coining the term “bob kitten”; culling barred owls; are you invasive if you move somewhere on your own?; how lynx can end up in weird places; how old man faces and baby faces are the same; tail differences; the hurt on the lynx population; critters escaping fire; looking for tracks at high speed; when the community comes together to help you get road kill deer to lure lynx; the strong smell of gusto; males vs. females going into traps; how getting a mortality signal from a collar makes your heart sink; minimizing stress; K-holes; how a fisher can whoop a lynx; Steve’s list of gripes; how to play Home Range's Trap-a-Cat fundraiser game; and more. 


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