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Ep. 442: Comedy Isn't Easy with Dan Ahdoot

Ep. 442: Comedy Isn't Easy with Dan Ahdoot

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Topics include: Get your wild cow milking "Gnome on the Range" shirt; well wishes for Dan's broken ankle; we know Mo; why Dan's first appearance on The MeatEater Podcast led to his hilarious and heartfelt first book, "Undercooked"; freewriting; when fly fishing guides lie; the Arkansas episode of "Buck Truck" from The Element as being the best reason for why hunting whitetail might just be better; more pet deer stories; a mutually concussed man and grouse; an update on direwolves from The OG of Archaeology; the best and worst arguments for reintroduction; letting nature do its thing; Dan's Food Network show, "Raid the Fridge," and his podcast, "Green Eggs and Dan"; when you're coastal-elite-adjacent-comedian-hunter-foodie; how hunters are the real foodies; a shit tent, a cigar, and a mini forest fire; getting out of speeding tickets because you're the Cobra Kai guy; and more. 

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