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Ep. 211: Hunting with Your Enemy

Ep. 211: Hunting with Your Enemy

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In this episode

Steven Rinella talks with Dan Ahdoot, Brody Henderson, Phil Taylor, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: Steve and Janis as the J-Lo and Shakira of the hunting world; merfolk and mermaid’s purses; Janis pushing past his limits on the dance floor; using a baby's umbilical cord as fishing bait; a tarantula rehabilitation program; how to make wild game kosher; an Iranian Jew and an Iraqi Muslim as hunting buddy BFFs; Long Island game wardens; having a bone to pick with duck hunting; pheasant ragu; how hunting has affected Dan's view of politics; Dan coming out of the closet as a hunter; going through TSA with a heart and liver in a styrofoam container; joining your local mycological society as a good way to find a date; the meanest gun store in the world; quotes about writing; hunter safety; and so much more.


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