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Ep. 403: Rattling Bucks with Joe Rogan

Ep. 403: Rattling Bucks with Joe Rogan

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Topics include: The pink pig; Corinne's first wild hog; rattling in a crazy number of whitetail; how basically no one hunts nilgai with a bow, but Joe; the nilgai bark; a bow hunt fraught with peril; Steve’s take on how flies conceive of time; discussing draw weight and Joe's 90-pound bow; a more athletic giraffe; tracking and gridding; no blood; Joe’s take on how hunting with a rifle is the most ethical method; how critter injury and running affects the taste of their flesh; listening to squealing hogs; why can we go buy wild hog and nilgai?; cooking over real wood; the door you open up in your brain; Joe loving elk bone marrow; that time when Steve sent his kid to school with a muskox sandwich; how chewing tough meat helps your jaw; jawzercise and ball gags; black going out of sight; when unknowledgeable voters interfere with science-based wildlife management practices; how Steve thinks he can cook tongue better than Jesse can; and more. 

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