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Ep. 227: Red Cutter

Ep. 227: Red Cutter

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Steven Rinella talks with meat scientist Dr. Chris Calkins, Spencer Neuharth, Corinne Schneider, and Phil Taylor.

Topics discussed: debunking meat myths; how stress affects the flavor of meat; myoglobin and hemoglobin; why you shouldn’t cut into an animal before rigor mortis is complete; muscle is muscle; Steve’s insistence on saying “red cutter,” when it’s actually dark cutter; the benefits of electrocuting meat; to bleed or not to bleed; muscle is 75% water; why you should keep the bones attached; does hanging help?; a certain antiquated way of slaughtering turkeys; why you should wait before freezing; the seven distinct meats in a snapping turtle and PhD. dissertation ideas; what marbling is; the time when Steve ate a sliver of 18-month-aged aoudad that tasted like blue cheese; black fuzzy mold is bad; and more.


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