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Ep. 346: Sex and Suicide on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Ep. 346: Sex and Suicide on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

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Topics discussed: How Steve isn't too into Lewis and Clark; Dustin Huff not learning a thing from us about keeping secrets; 400 stitches for the 9-year-old girl who survived the mountain lion attack in WA; when old men loot an ancient archaeological site in Tightwad, Missouri; Steve, the metal detecting enthusiast; all of Jefferson's trip plans; eating dogs and all the things on the expedition; Russia's thunderbolt mercury laxative; lashes from the cat of nine tails; the universal sign language between mountain men; how to pronounce Sacajawea's name; diaries and sexual relations; the National Park Service and exhuming bodies; encounters; the tigercat story; failing to accomplish the number one mission objective; Hollywood movies made about the expedition stories; critters named after Lewis and Clark; how experts never agree; and more. 


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