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Ep. 338: The Biggest Buck in the USA

Ep. 338: The Biggest Buck in the USA

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Topics discussed: Touring with Luke Combs; killing it with a crossbow; when a marten attacks Jani's hens; The Rinella Doctrine; a very long passage about what male turkeys do to female turkeys; why you best leave it 'till tomorrow; Seth and Chester’s 17th place finish in their first ever walleye tournament; the crew being pro pay-to-camp in National Forest; big bucks on the hog farm; how Dustin doesn’t use trail cams; shoulder growths; when everyone knows but no one says; Megatine Junior; Spencer and Mark, the big buck blowhards; just a deer hunter; when you shoot the biggest deer in America; texting with pops; “it's going to be a wall hanger!”; getting a buck named after you; the bullcrap aftermath and the haters; waiting for the cash money offers; "I Should Be Fishing" and other songs by Dustin; and more. 


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