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Ep. 331: Getting Skunked at The Navel

Ep. 331: Getting Skunked at The Navel

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Steven Rinella talks with Jimmy Rinella, Doug Duren, Ya Yang, Pat Durkin, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: Youth turkey at Doug's; skunked again; the river otter, two dogs, mink, and other critters drawn to the mysterious magnetism of The Navel; Doug Durkin; Jimmy's experiences with the mouse in Doug's Little Buddy heater, his preference for runnin' and gunnin' turkeys, and his superior detection of gobbling noises; the direct way in which Steve talks to his kids; a very lawyerly and official contract between Jimmy and his dad about Xbox use; how the 12.5-year-old hen found in PA always made the right life decisions; the doe that was missing her two back leg hooves; the most obscenely misleading nature headline; defrauding folks with fake hunting leases; Ya's gun buying spree; poop soup; Doug's strong hands; Doug addresses Uncle Ted's statements about CWD; population level effects of CWD; killing a deer per second; Doug's new program, "Sharing the Land"; the pen pal affair between Doug and Steve; Pat's articles on cash for crappie and shooting pike with a firearm in Vermont; and more. 


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