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Ep. 277: Driving Squirrels With the Hmong

Ep. 277: Driving Squirrels With the Hmong

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Topics discussed: pin bones and bet losing; is that a morel or a beehive?; Americans wanting Australia to ban their kangaroo hunting; wolves, hunters, and deer-vehicle collisions; eagles wiping out lambs; America's new New Gorge National Park; a "massive" fish poaching operation in Michigan; who are the Hmong?; hunting for sustenance; cooking up homemade ammo; recognizing your fellow Hmong in public, and what to do when that happens; a history lesson on Hmong involvement in the Vietnam war and the CIA's covert action; displaced indigenous peoples; losing your siblings and crossing the Mekong; getting guns from the CIA; a pot of stew and why Ya can't eat heart; stereotypes about Hmong hunters; reacclimating to hunting in the US; contributing to the gun and ammo shortage; the turkey hunting itch; what can change in a year; Steve's strategy to get kids managing recoil; and more.

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