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Ep. 317: Super Slammin' with Tom Miranda

Ep. 317: Super Slammin' with Tom Miranda

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Topics discussed: 20/15 vision; Tom Miranda, the rare book collector; the archery Super Slam; Cutting the Distance with Jason Phelps and Friends; go get our limited edition Line One Pot Call; Chester's big sturgeon; a half million cysts per pound; "One State Might Expand Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Seasons"; science news click bait; when your ex tattles on you for poaching wild game and selling it as beef jerky; read Katie Hill's investigation, "Major Online Retailers Acted as Black Market for Endangered Animal Parts," on MeatEater's website; skinning for a furbearer as a hard way to make money; the job description of a government trapper; the power of VHS; when you're on PETA's Top Ten list; buying your first car, home, and plane with trapping money; bow hunting as making the hunt as hard as it can be; all of Tom's books, including "Master Trappers"; and more.

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