Hayden Sammak

Hayden Sammak




How to Make Dandelion Wine

There’s a certain kind of joy that belongs entirely to the springtime. I love the season and all it brings with it—morels popping, turkeys hammering, and trout finally looking up again. Spring is a thing to be celebrated, and when I celebrate, I like to have a drink. A fishing guide buddy introduced...


The Best Edible Mushroom Everyone Ignores

Some folks suffer from morel-induced tunnel vision during springtime foraging season. They’ll step over ramps and allow fiddleheads to go unpicked, but perhaps the spring edible most frequently encountered—and ignored—is the pheasant back mushroom. Also known as the dryad’s saddle, this beginner...


How to Find Black Morel Mushrooms

If you're into foraging, this time of year can be downright painful—waiting for temperatures to rise and morels to pop can make for some of the longest weeks of the year. As winter finally relaxes its grip, you begin cruising Facebook groups and foraging forums. After months of radio silence...