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Ep. 314: Skip the Flip

Ep. 314: Skip the Flip

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Topics discussed: Danny Rinella's theory about Bill Clinton and bike helmets; Stu's educational videos at Coon Creek Outdoors; on whether you can be a Southerner in a state where people ice fish; explaining how to tube skin; fur handling as a dying trade; Seth and Stu, Top Lot rivals; double proxy weddings in Montana; it's raining iguanas in Florida; how you ought not shoot a turkey with a rifle; will grizzlies be delisted in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem?; a 37-year-old sandhill crane; hen and drake survival rates; how you should support lynx habitat in Colorado instead of messing with bobcat hunters; the last great fur boom; buying trucks with muskrat money; that time when Stu welded up a boat; and more. 

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