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Ep. 302: You Had Me at Bass

Ep. 302: You Had Me at Bass

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Topics discussed: the first Aussie to grace the podcast studio and the first Aussy to ever make it to the top 100 bass anglers in the world in America; Chester's family's Old Fashioned kit; three Janises out of ten Latvians; the cancellation of Spring Bear season in WA and just how outrageous it is; native bull trout vs. invasive lake trout; when college kids win $1 million in a fishing tournament; insane entry fees; when 2nd place is so far from 1st; Brandon's DQ, $1k per foot, and owning your own mistake even though the rule is questionable; Fantasy Fishing; under the camera's eye; polygraphs for fishing stories; Steve getting Brandon and Carl to fish his mom's lake; the litigation-worthy bucket thing; Rinella Sr. supposedly pulling a 5 pound largemouth out of the lake where Steve was born; Angler of the Year; the A to Z of the tournament process; physically and mentally not being able to live without it; pursuing what makes you happy; Steve's dream to be a professional trapper; clinch or improved clinch?; and more.

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