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Ep. 298: Cooking Captain Cook

Ep. 298: Cooking Captain Cook

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Steven Rinella talks with Hampton Sides, Ryan Callaghan, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: Where Captain Cook died in Hawaii; blaming everyone and taking statues down in the future; the beauty of youth deer season; bullpen vs. arm bar; hermaphroditic parrot fish making our beaches by pooping out sand; Pablo Escobar's invasive hippos; when a gray wolf takes a 1,000 mile walk from Oregon to Southern California; the greatest American survival story of all time that no one knows about; cannibalism, scurvy, and mutiny; all of Hamptons books and The Exotic; the Battle of Chosin Reservoir; Hampton choosing book subjects based on places to which he wants to travel; Kit Carson's war on the land; spreading syphilis; Mai, the cause celeb and bringer of BBQ to England; how the British really know how to name ships; and more.

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