Video: Cal's Sidecountry Cooking Setup

Video: Cal's Sidecountry Cooking Setup

Whether I’m bird hunting from my truck, packing in for a few days on mules, or floating into a special spot via boat, I like to keep all my cooking gear organized in my YETI LoadOut GoBox.

I keep essentials like my cookstove and coffee cups in this “truck kitchen” along with staples like Gnome on the Range Mushroom Rub, disinfecting wipes, and ziplock bags. I also keep my absolutely critical kitchen tools like plates, long-handled spoons, silicon bowls, knife sharpener, Leatherman, and a wine opener in there as well.

It's really nice to be ready to make a meal wherever nightfall should find me. With soup mix and a stove, I can throw something together with whatever other ingredients are available, even if there are none.

One or more methods for water purification are essential for any camping or bug-out bag pack list. You can't make it very far into a meal or a trip without clean water. Make sure your filter or SteriPen are functional and well taken care of.

This setup allows me to go mobile at any given moment by keeping my cooking basics in one convenient location. I never have to worry about packing that part of the kit. You never know when you'll have a fresh animal to eat or need to stay out overnight.

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