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Ep. 291: Hiding From Bulls

Ep. 291: Hiding From Bulls

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Steven Rinella talks with Jason Phelps, Samantha Bates, Dirt Myth, Seth Morris, and Chester Floyd.

Steve and Jason harvesting black walnut tree that will spawn the Line One turkey call; how this podcast made a baby; Steve recalls The Juice’s ride in the white Bronco; the need for a MeatEater book on fishing etiquette; palpating cloacas and sexing beavers on the daily; $5,000 for Chester to come to your door and sing the "hoo yip, hoo yip!" song; Steve's suspicion about the connection between CoV2 in deer and Buckman Juice; Texas as the deadliest state for death by animal; on antelope horn and sheath size; "30 by 30"; assisting in opening water bottles; Samantha's philosophy on hiding; Jani's philosophy on routes and death marches; thumbs down on floorless tents; strategizing for elk; the Phelp's brag board; and more.

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