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Ep. 251: Buckman Juice on the Back 40

Ep. 251: Buckman Juice on the Back 40

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Steven Rinella talks with Clay Newcomb and Mark Kenyon.

Topics discussed: Clay’s sleep-to-hunt equation; Steve’s distrust of men-only clubs; The One Shot Antelope Hunt catches up to reality; does Steve qualify as a ringer?; the saga of Bruno the bear; the homing instinct; loving Paul Revere, whether he road or not; requests for radio collar data; the survival of outliers; the bounty of the Back 40 plus 24 bonus acres; all the things you do to renew life on the land; turning sameness into a bunch of differentness; Doug’s lack of tolerance for backward hats; Buckman Juice; naming your kids after chewing tobacco products; naming all the bucks and the drop tine Spencer Buck; expanding your idea leaving selfish hunting behind; The MeatEater Podcast episode with the QDMA; donating the land; watch “The Back40” here; and more.


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