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Ep. 290: Is Wild Game Really Organic?

Ep. 290: Is Wild Game Really Organic?

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Steven Rinella talks with Fred Gould, Chester Floyd, Phil Taylor, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: Jani rehabbing a target; the vegetarian GMO expert who used to live in a hippie van; bison garum and koji mold; MeatEater Campfire Stories and old dads giving life; asking for your ball joint back after a hip replacement surgery; the link between The Tox and entrepreneurship; strontium and a woolly mammoth that loved to walk; learning from spider mites; bitter cucumber peels due to Cucurbitacin C; the co-evolution between plants and insects; tobacco as the first plant to be made toxic to caterpillars; the safety factor; what does "natural" actually mean?; getting the chestnut back in the forest via genetic engineering; use of synthetic biology conservation; transgenic, cisgenic, gene editing, and genomic selection; crop yield quantity vs. crop quality; breeding potatoes so that they're less carcinogenic when fried; optimizing for shelf life and visual appeal; fishy strawberries; and more.

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