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Ep. 285: Tying Flies with Tucker Carlson

Ep. 285: Tying Flies with Tucker Carlson

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MeatEater's audiobook out ranking about Matthew McConaughey's audiobook; no more bear hunting in New Jersey; solvent traps and drilling your own holes; Grumpy Middle Aged Men; the color of spider blood and the deepest lake in America; 47,000 ticks on one moose; tarpon fishing being based on luck; why you might want to buy boat insurance; standing against strip malls and dollar stores; Episode 107 of The MeatEater Podcast: Saving the Everglades; casting an 8 weight fly rod in one of Central Park's lakes; making poppers; shootability and MeatEater's Caliber Battles; not politicizing your children; Tucker's views on Pebble Mine; bonding over fly fishing with Rachel Maddow; tree spiking and Tracy Stone-Manning; when Cal and Brody fight; and more.

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