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Ep. 284: The Archer's Paradox

Ep. 284: The Archer's Paradox

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Topics discussed: a doctorate in eyeballs; how young bull rhinos will not breed as long as old bulls are holding territory; hunting and eating anything that moved in East Texas; shooting apples off someone's head with a bow and arrow; buying into the compound bow wave; a grain is 1/7,000th of a pound; the cryptocurrency called Bear Grease, trading in eeles; resistance quadruples as speed doubles; aiming for the pass through shot; the importance of dissecting the unsuccessful shot; the Twelve Factors; getting off on kinetic energy and how kinetic energy at impact counts; long points and bleeder blades; the Natal Study and Doc's research leading to South African legalizing bow hunting; skip angle; the Ashby BroadheadAsk Ashby; and more.

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