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Ep. 274: Farewell, Red Wolf

Ep. 274: Farewell, Red Wolf

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Topics discussed: How The Wild Turkey Doc is also a Wolf Doc; the attempted recovery of the red wolf and why there are only 10 left in the wild; in the absence of wolves, coyotes; red hot radio collar action; ravens destroying young livestock and deer; when you pop open a prosecco bottle and a turkey gobbles back; dying from yellow perch; a reminder about the Wisconsin Super Sow; Taiwan's indigenous groups lose court battle over hunting rights and how Jani thinks it's bull; the importance of the treaty concept to Indian Country and the Bureau of Indian Affairs; the 573 distinct federally recognized tribes within the US; Deb Haaland as the first Native American Secretary of the Interior; what #landback is and is not; when facts and figures undermine false beliefs; how hunting on Native American reservations may come with greater freedoms than hunting on state land; and more.

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