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Ep. 273: Hunting with Sharks

Ep. 273: Hunting with Sharks

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Topics discussed: A hodgepodge of Japanese and Hawaiian fish names; poaching a wolf; a Meatcrafter knife goes for huge cash on Ebay; getting baptized in a sous vide tank; getting bit by sea turtles; the ocean louse that kills your tongue and then replaces it; social distancing from wildlife; putting food on the table by spearfishing; what does it mean to spearfish for a living?; how Kimi can hold her breath for close to five minutes; melting into the bottom; fluffing sand and hiding your eyes; three-prongs; Little Steve's "Hawaiian Sling" piercing a puffer fish; playing chicken with a shark; shaking hands with a sperm whale; nearly getting your eyeballs sucked out of your head; and more.

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