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Ep. 268: Clovis Points and Man’s Best Friend

Ep. 268: Clovis Points and Man’s Best Friend

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Topics discussed: Making sure that your local humane society is not The Humane Society of the United States; Jim H. encouraging hunters to be true to the message of conservation and favor wolf recovery even if it costs them a few extra elk tags; Covid vaccines for mink and great apes; Spencer saves bird lives; spotting an arrowhead by the side of the road as a bus driver holding the door open for a kid; delving deeper into the Folsom Site; a beautiful theory killed by a horrible fact; what to make of 34,000 bone scraps smaller than the size of your fingernail; how it’d be cool if you bought a book that came with an attached Folsom point; tribal vs. human and culture vs. genetics; the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act; ancient peoples being successful at moving far distances; dogs as the first animal that humans ever domesticated; how there's dog DNA in wolves but no wolf DNA in dogs; anthropology classes as a resume builder; where you can find all of David's fascinating books; and more.

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