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Ep. 254: Fur Will Never Shine Again

Ep. 254: Fur Will Never Shine Again

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Steven Rinella talks with Mike Matney, Rick Matney, Seth Morris, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider. 

Topics discussed: duck feet earrings; something in the cosmos that's making people find buffalo skulls; "muskrat moms"; making enough money trapping as a 16-year-old to buy a brand new four-wheel drive pickup truck; the unpredictability of fur prices; Mike's no grip trap; trapping as an excuse to run around in the woods; ‘skrats off minty toothpaste; why are trappers always tasked with explaining themselves?; how Thanksgiving turkeys are killed; feeling yucky and icky; wolverine; Seth's top lot mink; 40 pounds of beaver sausage; the fly fishing river crowds in MT like the Macy's Day Parade; and more.


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