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Ep. 250: Doin' it Your Own Way with Whiskey Myers

Ep. 250: Doin' it Your Own Way with Whiskey Myers

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Steven Rinella talks with Cody Cannon, Chris Alexander, and Khris Poage of Whiskey Myers, and Spencer Neuharth, Sam Lungren, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: switching your name to Steve Fever; natural condoms made out of lamb casings; castration bands; unethical hunting and plowing down an elk herd; calf shelters as a moral boosting thank you to ranchers who enroll in block management; to wolf reintroduce or to not wolf reintroduce?; when the best stuff about America is written by a bunch of British guys; thoughts on eating bass; when the best country music is really just rock-n-roll; people gravitating towards sad songs and the song called "Sad Song"; the cultural difference between European and American hunting; Americans ignorantly talking about Europe as a monolith; Fergusson the carp being pulled to shore on a landing mat; starting on music because your wild grandpa leaves a guitar for you; a superb day of duck hunting; peiking-ing a duck; and more.


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