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Ep. 245: Luke Combs on the B-Side of Hunting

Ep. 245: Luke Combs on the B-Side of Hunting

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Topics discussed: being on the tour bus; the Fatvian Seagulls; organic vs. assembly line song writing; ten cents per song on one of the best selling albums of all time; on being a lunch pail song writer; where country music and the outdoors intersect; on maintaining country music street cred in the outdoors; dudes that are actually like the dudes in country songs; letting the chickens out in your undies; when Northerners speculate on the lives of Southerners, and vice versa; turkey hunting as the poor man's elk hunting; country fried antelope; pronouncing the words, "pecan" and "crappie"; Steve's new hit song lyrics: "you gotta work with what you got, not with what you wish you had"; retreating to write; leave it to Stever; the definition of a hook and the Johnson motor; if Steve were a trout...; shit as fertilizer; the grizzly bear vocalist; and more.


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