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Ep. 241: A Half Life of Never

Ep. 241: A Half Life of Never

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Topics discussed: The skinny on Pebble Mine; size, type, and location; dead snow geese in a toxic hole; Butte’s Berkeley Pit; ten billion tons of waste; cyanide leech mining; the Richter scale and how Richter was a nudist; milk, bourbon, and other causes of mass fish die offs; the incredible value of sockeye salmon to life; how everything is keyed in to the salmon lifecycle; the Pebble Beach golf course; when the state pays you to be a resident; Steve being clear on where he's coming from and his $1,000 bet with his sister-in-law; the EPA and Clean Water Act as the last stand; empty statements like empty air; how Alaskans don't want Pebble; the amount of money spent on lawyers and how the debate on Pebble is an economic driver; how conservation in Alaska is a different fight; holding on to perfect things; how to take action and stop Pebble Mine; and more.


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