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Ep. 236: Crawling Back from the Dead with Michael Punke

Ep. 236: Crawling Back from the Dead with Michael Punke

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Topics discussed: Expressing dissatisfaction with "The Revenant" movie; the Madison buffalo jump looking like it did 200 years ago; dressing up in an 1876 cavalry uniform; the challenge of giving someone else’s perspective; maiming corpses after the Fetterman Fight; carving an arrowhead out of Jim Bridger's shoulder; mountain man Hugh Glass and whether or not he blew himself up by touching a spark to a powder keg; watching an oxen turn into a bullion cube; history being so great that you don't need to make up stuff to tell a good story; how it’s so wrong to substitute high plains for rain forest; the George Bird Grinnell story as the birth of the American conservation movement; the ethic of self restraint; and more.


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