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Ep. 233: Tom Brokaw: From South Dakota to the World

Ep. 233: Tom Brokaw: From South Dakota to the World

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Steven Rinella talks with Tom Brokaw, Spencer Neuharth, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis.

Topic discussed; Always looking over the horizon; growing up in "Igloo," South Dakota; Steve's hot tip for armageddon preppers: don't set up next to other armageddon preppers; the virtues of being a jack of all trades and having a can-do mentality; when home is a hotel for Red Brokaw; young Tom's rock collection; the OG paddlefish; being done with guns; pheasant hunting as a religion in South Dakota; how fishing near Saddam's palace will get you blasted; chislic, tiger meat, and kuchen; the journalist's job, Main Street, and what it feels like to cover the world's biggest stories; turning down the offer to be Nixon's press secretary; the competitive relationship between Tom, Dan Rather, and Peter Jennings; not letting public adulation grow toxic; how Tom doesn't like to call himself a writer; the need to talk about what needs to be corrected; how beards have taken over America; and more.


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