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Ep. 224: Size Matters

Ep. 224: Size Matters

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Steven Rinella talks with Boone and Crockett Club‘s Justin Spring, Kyle Lehr, and Tony Schoonen, plus Phil Taylor and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: Apologies to a dude with a rotten whitefish; a child’s marble in a turkey’s gizzard; Wonders of Wildlife and selling lures out of your dad’s liquor store; is Steve’s dad in the B&C record?; Boone and Nugent; deductions and hunter-based grievances with the B&C scoring system; how much Steve loves the word, “penalize”; bilateral symmetry as a display of health; scoring systems being a way for folks to argue about the size of racks; fair chase guidelines in the face of emerging technology; the evolution of the term trophy hunting, associations with its meaning, and is it too late to save that word?; brown bears vs. grizzly bears based on access to salmon and the Alaska range line; what “all time” means and Steve’s suggestion of a “top 100” standard; Steve’s gripe with B&C for not including javelina entries; a bison source herd at the Bronx Zoo; and more.


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