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Ep. 223: Shooting Trees to Death

Ep. 223: Shooting Trees to Death

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Topics discussed: Regs; Covid-19 and drinking Tommy’s spit; how the new shooting-trees-over trend is an ugly thing; the mortal danger of growing a morel mushroom; Steve’s fantastic analogy for mycelium, and his general strengths in that area; MeatEater’s upcoming long ass book about wilderness skills; a lack of humility on the part of Brody and Steve; .410 expressed as a “gauge”; the futility of yelling at kids to be quiet at hunting camp; the Macushi code of silence; Steve’s son’s first turkey hunt; mistaking a turkey head for a flower; Jani’s costly truck stall; the roughed grouse that drummed all night; a puffball the size of Cal’s head; how about a coffee with legs?; drawing pictures of scissors and a severed scro; and more.


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