Ep. 218: The World’s Best Small Game Hunter Conquers Mongolia

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Steven Rinella talks with Kevin Murphy, Phil Taylor, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: The wild swings of rabbit populations; a hunting station wagon brought back from the dead; a dog named Wings&Things; wanderlust; an epic hunting trip to Mongolia; how your shit needs to be in shape to hunt snowshoe hares; the last remaining eagle hunters in the world; an owl, three golden eagles, two ravens, five Mongolians, and two Americans on horseback trying to catch a critter; how harness boots aren’t worth a damn for climbing around; if you want to stack up a lot of game animals, you don’t want to be a falconer; the crack of the ass cushioning the rest of it; abusing one’s scrotum; all for a chunk of tungsten; from city junk bond seller to swamp rabbit hunter; recruiting newbies; and more.


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