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Ep. 209: The Deer Nut

Ep. 209: The Deer Nut

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In this episode

Steven Rinella talks to Jim Heffelfinger, Ryan Callaghan, and Phil Taylor.

Topics discussed: an epidemic of llama losses; Grandpa Half-a-Finger and other stories of loss; does killing big bucks screw up deer genetics?; the difference between blacktail deer and whitetail deer, and where they came from; a whitetail fossil from the Pleistocene; Cowz, Cooze, and Couse; telekinetic levitation; why do deer lose their antlers?; Steve's disappointment with having less-than-average Neanderthal genes; wolf recovery and the Endangered Species Act; trophic cascades and surplus killers; jaguars in America; hunting jackrabbits; and so much more.


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