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Ep. 146: Bigfoot

Ep. 146: Bigfoot

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Bozeman, MT- Steven Rinella talks with journalist and podcaster Laura Krantz, along with Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.

Subjects Discussed: “Wild Thing” podcast; the newest oldest hunting weapons ever found in America; Clovis hunters; what good is a squirrel’s tail; Steve stands corrected on Pancho Villa; the other kind of knocking boots; old Bob Milligan’s game dinner; a critique of Teddy Roosevelt; the Four horsemen of Sasquatchery; burning a village to save it; what a bigfoot nest looks like; the two types of bigfoot believers; the Patterson-Gimlan film; a 1-million-dollar bounty for a dead bigfoot; the human need for the unknown; and more.

For the show notes featuring the historical documents referenced in this episode, please click here.

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