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Ep. 134: An Object and Its Shadow

Ep. 134: An Object and Its Shadow

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Anchorage, AK- Steven Rinella talks with his brother Danny Rinella, Army veteran Levi Meyer, Chris "Ridge Pounder" Gill, along with Dirt Myth and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew. 

Subjects Discussed: risking life and limb for household birds; the ballad of Jani Tsimane; dipping, smoking, and chaw dawgs; Matt Rinella's primitive navigation tool; Danny's swollen uvula; the blond bombshell of the grizz world; Ovis dalli and its rocky, nasty, glaciated homeland; full curls, double broomers, and other marks of a legal ram; poaching and the state's response; God's penthouse; Janis's bear protection; Danny's fall down the mountain; angle of repose; an object and its shadow; squirrely glacial weather; and more.


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