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Ep. 115: The Judas Hog

Ep. 115: The Judas Hog

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The Ozarks, MO- Steven Rinella talks with wildlife biologist Parker Hall, Brandon Butler, Steve Jones, and Janis Putelis from the MeatEater crew.

Subjects Discussed: the Judas animal trapping method; saving sea turtles by shooting predators; ways of hunting and trapping feral swine; Hogzilla and other bullshit; swine as disease vectors; the thing about brucellosis; the upshot of banning hog hunting; Parker earns his lifetime membership to the Rocky Mountain Squirrel Foundation; ways of cooking up squirrel; squirrel dogs; and more.

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MeatEater-Lone Star Pork: Texas Hog.  Steve joins ranch manager and wildlife biologist Ben Binnion for a couple of days during his annual pig roundup to learn about the other side of the Texas hog story. 

Steve Jones’ website Killer Noms
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