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Ep. 080: The Fish Shack

Ep. 080: The Fish Shack

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Steven Rinella talks with Dirt Myth, editorial contributor Brody Henderson, and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.

Subjects Discussed: Dirt's dad's activewear; cheaters; the straight dope version of Dirt Myth's wounded eye saga; Steve's jealousy of Janis's cannibalism; drinking breast milk; sexing rabid mink; the salmon moochin' madness of 2017; limp dickin' vs. reelin' down on 'em; retaining bi-catch and roadkill; pelagic fish; the intricacies of fisheries management; i kejime; Steve's one rifle conundrum; Dirt: the would-be ranch caretaker; and more


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