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Ep. 078: Fishing for a Living

Ep. 078: Fishing for a Living

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Steven Rinella talks with writer, podcaster, angler, and conservationist April Vokey, along with Matt Elliott of Benchmade Knife Company, and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.

Subjects Discussed: Sparkly bass boats; killin' smallmouth; well-fed, thick, fat, football bass; dealing with fuck-wits; April's introduction to the outdoors; credibility in social media; the only purpose of dating is to suss out the craziness; creeper catwalks at Sportsman's Warehouse; marlin on the fly; flippin' lillypads with a jig and chuckin' and duckin'; 100k or a trophy?; how to get out of small talk; bowhunting is the only reality; elitism in fly fishing and bass fishin''s just how it's marketed; Steve can smell hunters and fisherman a mile away; professionalizing your passion; yoga pants selfies: the female path to success in the hunting industry?; and more.


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