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Ep.073: Advanced Wild Game Cooking

Ep.073: Advanced Wild Game Cooking

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San Francisco, CA- Steven Rinella talks with Chef and avid hunter Joshua Skenes, along with Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.

Subjects Discussed: how to cook beaver tail; industrialized food versus “real” food; Saison: the focus is purely on taste; closed-loop agricultural systems; you can’t ever replicate the true taste of nature; how to deal with the lack of consistency in wild game, and whether or not that’s actually an issue; proper shot placement; monolithic bullets; stomper bucks in Idaho; caviar from white sturgeon, shovelnose sturgeon, paddlefish, and lake whitefish; Steve and his fake uncle Don trollin’ for striped bass in front of San Quentin Prison; fishing for diamond turbot; ikejime, or how to run a wire through a fish’s spine to make it taste it real good; headshots; box crab; monkeyface eels; safe mold versus shitty mold; and more.

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