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Ep. 070: Chronic Wasting Disease

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Steven Rinella talks with CWD expert Bryan Richards, Doug “Buckman Juice” Duren, and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater Crew.
Subjects discussed: The U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wildlife Health Center; bighorn sheep in Texas; hibernacula; white nose syndrome in bats; people eating other people’s brains and a disease called kuru; cannibalistic cows; where did CWD come from?; elk in South Korea; CWD in Norway’s reindeer; neuronal death; zoonosis (a disease that can move back and forth between animals and humans); peanut butter and prairie dogs; the “ick” factor; the captive deer industry; transporting deer carcasses and other possible vectors; deer piss; why you should care about CWD; what hunters can do to help prevent the spread; why you shouldn’t begin Google searches with the words “the truth about…”; and more.

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-Related Links and Notes-

Did you know there are 10 distinct ecological regions in the state of Texas?  We’ll now ya do: Texas Ecoregions by Texas Parks and Wildlife.  

Biologists work to restore the majestic Desert Bighorn Sheep to its ancestral home in west Texas.

Here’s a link from USDA Wildlife Services regarding the oral raccoon rabies vaccine bait program. The last time Bryan Richardson checked, this program received ~$28M per year from Congress. That’s more than they ever gave for CWD. Of course Rabies is a zoonosis and kills people – therefore it gets attention and funding – which is a good thing.

And here’s a link to information about the oral plague vaccine work Bryan Richards is involved with.

Just when you thought you didn’t have to worry about a CWD zoonosis link, this recent article citing a Canadian study on Macaque monkeys heightens concerns about human susceptibility to CWD.

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE)….aka the “ick” factor.