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Episode 16: Daniel Boone - The Legend of Cumberland Gap (Part 2)

Episode 16: Daniel Boone - The Legend of Cumberland Gap (Part 2)

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We're on to part two of our series on the incredible life of the American backwoodsman, Daniel Boone. We’re going to dive deep into a topographic feature in the Appalachian Mountains that was a major player in the identity of Daniel Boone and America – we’re talking about the Cumberland Gap. We’ll interview two New York Times best-selling authors and Boone experts - Steven Rinella and Robert Morgan, we’ll nerd out with a geologist, we’ll talk about the potential of historical revision of Boone, and lastly, we’ll talk with a member of the Cherokee Nation, Professor Taylor Keen, and hear his perspective on the Ol’ Gap. The path is rough, and American identity is at stake.

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