MeatEater Season 7: Steve and Ronny Walk the West in Search for Sage Grouse

On this hunt, Steve meets up with his longtime friend and upland bird hunter extraordinaire, Ronny Boehme, to search for an icon of the American West, the sage grouse. But before they start hunting, they’ll discuss the conservation issues surrounding this embattled species with the governor of Wyoming, Matt Mead. Out in the field, Ronny’s best dogs are there to help the two find a big, mysterious game bird that’s hiding out there somewhere in the vast public land sagebrush sea. And after the hunt, Steve will prepare a surprisingly delicious camp meal that utilizes all the edible portions of a sage grouse.

Gear Used on this Hunt:

Shotgun: Savage Stevens Model 555 Over/Under

Stove: Camp Chef

Bird/Small Game Hunting Vest: Orvis Waxed Cotton Upland Vest

Specialty Gear: Extra Large Safety Pin: for carrying birds/small game


The Dogs: Ronny’s bird dogs are a breed called Bracco Italianos.

To learn more about the conservation and land management issues surrounding sage grouse check out The Sage Grouse Initiative

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