MeatEater TV Season 7 Available Now on Netflix

MeatEater TV Season 7 Available Now on Netflix

It’s finally here! A full sixteen brand new episodes of MeatEater are debuting as a Netflix Original at this very moment. We’ve put our hearts into this material, which is the best that’s ever come out of the team that brings you MeatEater.

These episodes let you hang out with guests like Joe Rogan, Ryan Callaghan, Mark Kenyon, Remi Warren, Janis Putelis, and Doug “Buckman Juice” Duren. They take you to locations like the high desert of Nevada, the jungle of South America, and the grizzly-infested backcountry of interior Alaska. They serve up dishes like sea cucumber, moose marrow, fire-roasted piranha, and the little globs of fat that can be found behind a caribou’s eyeballs.  Plus there’s plenty of ruminations on why hunting and fishing are sacred activities that bind us to the land and each other.

Check out the trailer for a preview of what you’re about to see. Or better yet, get on over to Netflix in a hurry and dig in.


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