MeatEater TV Season 7: Archery Mule Deer with Joe Rogan

On this hunt, Joe Rogan joins Steve for a late summer archery mule deer hunt in the mountains of Nevada. Here, mule deer bucks are gathered together in bachelor groups on vast expanses of public BLM lands. While there’s no shortage of bucks around, daytime deer movement this time of year is limited to the first and last hour of daylight. This makes hunting these bucks tough, especially with archery equipment. It’s very difficult to stalk into bow range with so many eyes and ears to fool, but it’s a great way to kick off the start of big game season. 
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Gear Used on this Hunt:

Specialty Gear
Plumber’s Knee Pads: Knee pads can be worth carrying on a spot and stalk archery hunt in rough terrain. When stalking animals you’ll need to spend a lot of time crawling around on your hands and knees in order to stay out of sight while sneaking into range. Some stalks may take hours, and plumber’s knee pads protect you from the pain of constantly getting torn up by rocks and cactus spines.

Sneak Boots: These come in handy for archery hunters during a stalk. In rocky country with dry, crunchy vegetation, it can be next to impossible to walk quietly, let alone stalk to within forty yards of an animal. The soft fleece sole absorbs noise and cushions your steps, preventing rocks from grinding together and sticks from breaking.

First Lite Phantom 3D Balaclava: On archery hunts, camouflage is essential and this balaclava keeps your face completely hidden. A full coverage face mask breaks up your outline and prevents face-shine that could give you away at the last second. The ultralight material breathable material is made for hunting during warm weather.

For more info on spot and stalk archery mule deer hunting check out the book Hunting Open Country Mule Deer

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