MeatEater Season 12 Is Now Streaming

MeatEater Season 12 Is Now Streaming

Hey folks, the new season of MeatEater is live right now on the MeatEater Website. Season 12 features six action-packed episodes that will be dropping every Thursday at 11 a.m. MT. You can cast to your TV from the website with Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast. And for the first time ever, you can now watch the new season on the MeatEater YouTube channel, as well as on Tubi, Pluto, and FreeVee—all for free!

Tune in today to check out Episode 1 where I head to Alaska to hunt black bears with our very own Clay Newcomb. This episode is one you won’t want to miss as Clay boogie boards while bow hunting for black bears. And check back every week for new episodes—spearfishing, small game, Osceola turkey, mule deer, and a “once-in-two-lifetimes” elk hunt are all on the menu this season.

And because I know we will get questions on what gear I’m using in each episode, make sure to peruse the gear featured in each episode right alongside of watching on our site or our YouTube channel.

Thanks to SCHEELS for partnering with us on the new season. Stop by any SCHEELS location to find featured products from First Lite, FHF, Phelps Game Calls, and Dave Smith Decoys.

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