Check Out Our All-New Series “MeatEater Hunts”

Check Out Our All-New Series “MeatEater Hunts”

It seems like just about every day someone is asking us when there will be new episodes of MeatEater TV on NetFlix. It’s a running joke around here.

While we’re glad that you’re so excited to watch Steve, Janis, Cal, and crew over at our favorite streaming service, that particular production takes a while to produce.

So, to quench your thirst for out-of-doors adventure in the meantime, we came up with a new series called MeatEater Hunts. It’s everything you love about our flagship program, except it’s absolutely free and it lives on YouTube.

This show is six episodes packed full of your favorite MeatEater crew members traveling to wild places, learning the land (and water), and bringing home some meat (and hides). There’s beaver trapping in Montana, elk hunting in Colorado, chukar hunting in Idaho, Texas feral hogs, and even a little coastal spearfishing thrown in for good measure. There’s something for everybody. Check out the schedule:

Wednesday, April 29th:
-Beaver Trapping with Steven Rinella and Seth Morris
-Chukar Hunting with Danielle Prewett and Morgan Mason

Wednesday, May 6th:
-Goose Hunting with Ryan Callaghan and Miles Nolte
-Texas Hog Hunting with Brody Henderson and Alvin Dedeaux

So, every hump day for the next few weeks there will be new content for you to enjoy. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow along.



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