Video: Kayaker Saves Moose Calf From Drowning

As we covered a few weeks ago, the first howl of a baby wolf can bring anyone joy. The distressed bleats of a drowning moose calf? That does the opposite.

Luckily, off-duty Calgary firefighter Scott Linton and professional paddler Benny Clark were there to take action when the startled calf fell into the the Sheep River. Armed with a rope, Linton waded into the rapids to catch the moose before it was sucked further downstream.

“You just go in the mode, serious, get it done,” Clark told Global News. “Kind of just acted like a human being going by. I think it was partly our fault, so getting her out of the river, it was what we should have done.”

Linton and Clark are confident the calf was reunited with its mother once it got out of sight.

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